Captiva Island

Captiva Island is about 6 miles long and very narrow, being about 1/3 of a mile wide at its widest point. It is a part of incorporated Lee County. While it is not under the jurisdiction of the laws that govern the City of Sanibel, it is tightly regulated through its own special controls implemented by the county.


Captiva is essentially three different areas. The southern third of the island is estate zoned. A single-family residence and guest house are typically permitted on a lot. Building sites here must contain at least one acre of land. The middle third of Captiva Island is a mixture of resorts, shops, restaurants, marina, some condominiums apartment complexes and single-family dwelling units. Lots are various sizes with mixed uses permitted. The northern third of the island is South Seas Island Resort. It is a full-service resort facility situated on 330 acres of land. It contains vacation accommodations, shops, restaurants, a marina, a nine-hole golf course, convention facilities, and more. There are also private residences within the gates of South Seas Island Resort.